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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Do I need to glue or tape the overlay?

No, you just put the overlay on your device. The perfectly cut wholes and the buttons/encoders of your device will keep it in the correct position. It is called overLAY, isn't it ....

  • Are the overlays waterproof?

Yes, they are.

  • Are the blank overlays available in colours other than white (e.g. black)?

The blank overlays are only available in white. However, the overlays can be custom printed in any colour you like (for pricing please refer to the custom printed overlays for each controller).

  • How can I write and erase on the overlays?

You can write with any kind of pen or pencil on it. There is no particular benefit in using whiteboard (dry-erase) markers, they cannot be easily wiped off (see below for erasing any kind of pen). 

For erasing, I recommend the following options:

    • The most basic solution: Pencils. You can write and erase them (with a rubber) like on normal paper.
    • An elegant all-in-one solution: "Pilot Friction" pens. They come with a kind of rubber eraser at the back of the pen. Their  ink is thermo-sensitive, i.e. it vanishes at temperatures higher than 60°C (caused by rubbing with the eraser) and can be made visible again by exposing the material to temperatures below -10°C. Works nicely.
    • Erase the pen (any kind of ink pen) writing with a few drops of water and a „magic eraser sponge“. Any no-name product from your drugstore around the corner should do the job (and they are great for other stuff in your household as well ;-)  ).
    • Depending on the pen you use, you may also find isopropanol to work nicely to erase your writing.
  • Can I print on them with a printer?

The material of the overlays can be used with dedicated professional printing machines. Standard home printers are likely not to work. It is also advisable to print on the material before cutting it, otherwise the holes might cause paper jam in the printer. For these reasons I do not recommend printing on them with a printer.

  • How can I order the overlays?

Please send me your order request. I will sent you an invoice through PayPal which you can then either pay via PayPal (there is a link in the invoice) or direct bank transfer. Once I have received your payment, I will send out the goods you ordered. Should you decide not to go ahead with the order, please simply send me a message and I will cancel the invoice.

  • What payment options do I have?

You can either pay via direct bank transfer or PayPal. I do not charge any additional PayPal fees (these are covered by me).

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